Cacciatore in Italian translates to 'hunter', or more colloquially in cooking 'hunter style', a traditional recipe using tomatoes, onions, herbs, and wine to cook the meat to a tender state where it easily comes away from the bone and eaten usually with pasta or crusty bread.

The base recipe can be used with chicken, duck, pheasant and rabbit. Like most traditional recipes there are regional variations. In southern Italy chefs may use red wine instead of white wine, as in the north. Many recipes include capsicum (bell peppers). Even the herbs used can vary depending on season and availability.  The following chicken cacciatore recipe is a combination of a number I have tried over the years.  The chicken is simple thigh & leg pieces (leg quarter) with skin on, cut through the joint.  I also regularly use skinless thigh only pieces.  I find this particular part of the chicken is a little juicer.  

You can use the base recipe and try it with different types of meat, different cuts, bone in or boneless and like most stews it can be made a day or two in advance for the flavours to really enhance.