Now this one may cause controversy since there can be a great deal of emotion and subjectivity involved in what may be considered the best pizza dough. Italian pizza's are usually a little thinner, but not always, American style pizza range between the subtle and the ridiculous when it comes to thickness. Then you get the arguments on the type of flour to use, the subtlety of the various ingredients (even though there are not that many). I am not even remotely qualified to enter into any such discussion so we are going with easy pizza dough ... not 'the best'.

So here I offer, thanks to Vicki, a fairly straight forward, easy to make, and versatile pizza dough that can be used for thin or thick style pizza as well as a number of other outcomes such as pizza bread (a little like focaccia), rolls or even a desert. The key is that you use a good active yeast (dry is fine as we do) and take your time. 

Although the pizza dough below can be used within a few hours of making it really does need a little time to itself to do it's thing. Overnight in the fridge is arguably minimum, and sitting in the fridge for up to a week is not a problem either.  Once your dough has risen the first time you can also freeze it in portions for later use.

I offer here only the ingredients and directions, below I have added a number of fairly good videos on how to knead, spin or flatten your dough once it's ready to use.

Useful videos:

Cooking with Rich - Easy & Versatile Pizza Dough