Lamb, lamb, lamb, love it. Lamb chops on the BBQ with a little lemon and fresh oregano ... just fantastic (but that's for another recipe). Here I'm going to offer a slightly different version, almost a Milanese style (but not) crumbed lamb chop, easy to prepare, easy to cook and tastes great served with just a couple of veg.

This is a crumbed lamb chop and shallow fried, creating an amazingly juicy, beautifully tender dish for dinner or lunch, or have it for breakfast if you really want. Crumbing most meats, when fried, will help retain the juices and assist in making the meat tender as hell, well ok hell may not be the best analogy, but you get the idea. 

Now I personally prefer medium-rare meat for lamb (or beef), so times here are designed for that. It will also depend on the cut of your chop, whether "Frenched' (with bone exposed) or you have chops that still have the fat over the bone and meat. I would usually suggest removing much of the fat, this will give you a little more control over the cooking and will minimised the crumbed chops being soggy when served - also helps to avoid clogged arteries.

We usually have these with some veg as below, but equally great served with some mashed or roasted potatoes, pumpkin and or your favourite gravy.

Have a go and let me know.

Ultra Tender Crumbed Lamb Chops - Cooking with Rich