Another dish from my youth, that my mother would make quite regularly, Bublanina, a pound cake style fruit cake. Mum would usually make it with apricots or plums, at other times with fresh grapes or cherries, whatever was available and was reasonably priced at the time. I have the memory of the sweet smell coming from the kitchen whilst the cake was in the oven. My brother and I would play near the kitchen door waiting for it to be ready and literally pounce on it as soon as  it came out of the oven. A few burnt mouthes in those days.

Bublanina (Czech Bubble Cake) - Cooking with Rich

The Czech name Bublanina roughly translates to 'bubble' or bubble cake, I remember having this for breakfast, and if any was ever leftover it certainly wouldn't last to the next day. The following, as usual, is a mash up of a few recipes I've found, varying the ingredients until it somewhat resembled what I remember.  I also like the addition of 'streusel' (a sugar flour crumble), not all recipes have this but if you do have a slight sweet tooth you will enjoy this, also adds that crumble texture contrast when you bite in to it.

Try it, change it and by all means please let me know if we can improve it together.