In a previous recipe, Lamb & Chorizo Ragù, I mentioned a wonderful memory of having a wild boar ragú in Tuscany with Vicki and our 1 year old son. This is a recipe that gets fairly close although I never did ask our hosts for the wild boar version.

Like all ragú this pork version is cooked over lower heat for a long time to allow the meat to cook through and become mouth wateringly tender.  The recipe is fairly standard for a ragú so the type of meat can be swapped out if preferred.

Pork Ragú - Cooking with Rich

In this instance I have suggested a pork shoulder, cubed into smaller pieces. Pork shoulder is relatively tough, usually quite inexpensive and is layered with fat making for a great slow cooked piece of meat.  The low and slow cooking method allows the meat to gain tenderness and will end up falling apart. You can serve any ragù with pasta, rice, mash or on it's own. Leftovers make for great sandwiches, wraps or thrown together with some mash to make a 'cottage' style pie for dinner the next night.

Here we've exampled the ragù with a pappardelle pasta since the large flat surfaces of the pasta bode well for the meat sauce to combine, but feel free to use any pasta you prefer.