Everything is better with onions, or at least I think so. Ok maybe not everything. However let's agree many of things do benefit from a healthy addition of this staple little bulb veg.

Caramalised Onion - Cooking with RichIf you do enjoy onions you almost certainly don't mind caramalised onions. Although fairly straight forward to make it does take time and care to achieve an acceptable result that has that deep rich sweet flavour. Caramlising is the cooking of the natural sugars in the onion slowly until the sugar turns that beautiful brown colour and develops that sweet caramel flavour.

With caramalising onions the idea is to have the heat down low and being careful not to let the onions burn, at all, allowing them cook as slowly as possible, with stirring regularly. To help the process along and enhance the sweetness you can add a little extra sugar and I usually add a little white wine (also high in sugars).  Red wine can be used as well to give your onions a deeper colour. It's not complicated and you can enjoy the open bottle of wine while you watch over your onions.

Caramalised onions are also versatile, use them for onion soup, load them on a burger, uses them as a topping on pizza, add to your steak, make a tart or toss them through a salad for a difference.

The onions will last a few days in the fridge in an airtight container.

Have a go, let me know.