Spicy Blackened Fish (Cajun Fish) - Cooking with RichBlackened fish is spicy, super delicious and very easy to make, in a Cajun style but apparently not originally a Cajun recipe. 

Now a New Orleans legendary dish, the combination of herbs and spices just work. Allegedly created by Louisiana chef Paul Prudhomme some time in the 1980's as a Cajun Creole creation, it is one of the simplest of dishes.  And the spice mix works well for chicken, prawns/shrimp, pork, actually what ever you want to dredge through it.

There are no real secrets here, the spice mix below is one I ended up with after a few attempts over the years.  I usually make up a batch and keep it in an airtight container in the spice rack to use when I couldn't be f*cked doing anything more complicated.

If you like a little spice and want a little different flavour to your dinner, whether it be fish or another protein, this will do you well.

Have a go and let me know.