Now, before you more astute individuals start with "isn't that Coq Au Vin?", yes you are right. The recipe is basically along the same lines, but here I want to try boneless chicken breast as the base, rather than the normal skin on chicken thigh pieces. "Why?" one may ask. Because that's what I had in the fridge at the time.

So in deference to spirit of true Coq Au Vin, I will simple call this a chicken & red wine casserole, French style.

Jokes aside, yes the recipe is based on a combination of a few Coq Au Vin recipes I found, and, according to the family, it turned out pretty well. I will have a go at some point a more traditional version and let you know how it goes, but for now this is a pretty tasty, easy to prep dinner dish for the family. I've paired it with pasta as it seemed to be appropriate, but like most slow cooked meat dishes you can serve it with potatoes, rice, crusty bread or on it's own.

For the red wine I used a NZ pinot noir, a little lighter with the chicken and works exceptionally well as a drinking wine while cooking.

I'll update you once I've got around to making a proper Coq Au Vin so for now, have a go and let me know.

Chicken in red wine - Coq Au Vin - Cooking with Rich