If you like your crustaceans, one of the most favoured at the luxurious end is lobster.  There is of course a variety of ways to enjoy this little sea dweller. Simply boiled or steamed is most common, grilled with garlic butter or a creamy thermidor is adding flavour, and then combining with a curry or black pepper sauce sends you to into an Asian twist.

Tangy Lobster Salad - Cooking with RichYet for a great lunch time bite with a touch of decadence, why not try an easy lobster salad. There are many versions, as always.  The famed New England lobster roll with the likes of Luke's, with their creamy buttery texture or the version dished out globally via Lobsters & Burgers, which does have it's appeal. But you don't have to have a bun to enjoy, albeit easier to eat.  You can simply make the lobster salad and enjoy it as is or wrapped in some butterhead lettuce. And of course, add it to your favourite steak as a more than acceptable 'surf & turf' option.

This recipe is a little mix of a few we've tried, with a mayonnaise base. The really quick and easy option is to use lobster tails. Usually available fresh either raw or pre-cooked via your local seafood supplier or go for quality freshly frozen tails again from your seafood suppliers. Avoid the pre-packaged supermarket version, unless you know it is a quality brand. We've tried a few and they are way too expensive for the quality and quantity you get.

The key to this one is the quality of the ingredients.

In most parts of the world lobster is at the higher end of of the food pricing for main ingredients, so if you are going to make an effort on this do try to get the best you can afford or obtain across all the ingredients. It does make a huge difference. 

And don't forget to pair with a glass of nice champagne for that extra little indulgence on a weekend afternoon.

Have a go and let us know.

Cooking with Rich - Tangy Lobster Salad