Garlic bread! Eat it on its own, have it as a side or a starter it would be only a small part of the population that does not go for the garlic bread when given a choice.

Now, apparently garlic bread was first conceived of in the US, presumably by Italian immigrants, according to the Wikipedia people. Like most recipes/dishes there are numerous iterations or variations depending on who is making it.  Normally it would be made with a baguette or sourdough covered in garlic and olive oil, toasted.  Some variations include herbs and or cheese. There is no traditional recipe that I could find, but its a fairly simple concept that adds a little more flavour to that plain old dinner roll.

However, this particular recipe, at least the original I started with, caught my eye, and in my mind, provides a very welcome change to the normal garlic bread slices most of us are all familiar with.

The basic idea is to bake a garlic and herb infused pull apart bread loaf. In this particular recipe there is a combination of ingredients not always associated with bread or garlic bread, including chili and herbs. Once put together and baked what comes out of the oven is just a mouth watering pull apart loaf full of flavour with a soft bread interior. 

Once the smell of the baking starts and the loaf comes out of the oven I guarantee it will not last long just snacking on it.

As always, have a go and let me know.