The humble mushroom is not really so humble, remarkably versatile as an ingredient and provides a great foundation to many an amazing dish. For a long time it has been considered a good meat substitute, however for me it is one that goes with meat not to replace meat - best of both worlds as a unrepentant and unapologetic carnivore.

For this particular dish, I was inspired by a starter I had not too long ago in an Italian restaurant, stuffed with pork mince and a variety of herbs. So I did a little research and found a couple of recipes using chorizo. 

A couple of attempts later and I got to the recipe below, a great mix of rich flavours, and easy enough for anyone to cook.  Here I used larger mushroom caps, large enough to be considered a main meal once topped and cooked.  You can use smaller mushrooms and make more bite size pieces as a starter or party snack.

So have a go and let me know.