The Perfect Bloody Mary - Cooking with RichThe "perfect bloody mary?" is a big claim you say, and yes I do say, this is THE Perfect Bloody Mary. One thing I rarely say is ... trust me .... but this time I do, I've researched this one .... a lot ... haha.

Having a read through wikipedia, it appears, like most things, there are many claims to having created this now go to hangover cure - for a few of my friends and I it is also the go to pre-golf loosening up cocktail, we consider the practice range cheating.

One version of the Bloody Mary birth suggests it was created in Paris in the 1920's, then there are the overt claims made from the US in the 1930' and 1940's. However it is quite possible the cocktail was created a few times independently, but it does not really matter. It is now a staple in the arsenal of every reasonable bartender and slight variations would number about the same as the number of bartenders that make it.

There is of course some basics to any Bloody Mary, vodka and tomato juice as a start, some spices and or herbs, giving it a kick with some chili or tabasco and a garnish. The choice of garnish can get a little weird ranging from a simply celery stick to bacon and lobster. A quick online search for recipes will definitely give you dozens, if not hundreds of options, all with tiny variations or personal touches. I am no different here.

This recipe is founded on a long period of indepth research, testing constantly the nuanced amount of each ingredient, whilst trying not to too fall over at the end of each testing session. 

So have a go and let me know. If you do have your own version or preference for ingredients please definitely share it in the comments section, I have plenty of extra research left in me for further perfecting if required.

The responsible bit: always drink in moderation and never ever drink and drive, unless of course the drive is using a golf club in an attempt to hit a golf ball, moderation is still the suggestion, even here.