I love lamb and lamb shanks have to be close to the best cut when cooked slowly. I make no claim to being an expert in cooking lamb, or cooking in general for that matter. So this is my humble opinion only ... slow cooking lambs shanks is the only way to cook lamb shanks. There is a practical reason for this. Lamb shanks are a tough cut so the slow cooking helps to make the meat tender and juicy.

Humour aside, slow cooking is a wonderfully easy way to cook many types of meat to obtain a mouthwatering tenderness without the stress of over or under cooking. You can of course still over cook most things but it's a great deal more forgiving a method. The worst that can happen, even if you cook for an hour too long, is that the meat ends up falling off the bone in the pot as you pull out the shanks. Hardly fatal to the dish, you basically end up with a wonderfully rich lamb stew, the meat will still be tender.

This particular recipe combines my love of lamb and love of wine into a single dish to create a super yummy rich sauce which goes well with mashed potatoes, actually any potato dish, pasta or just crusty bread to soak up all the sauce.  

The key here is to brown each shank as best you can before setting of on the slow cook. It's not that easy given their shape, but it is the best method to enhance the flavour of the meat.  If you do like lamb roast as well you can try Slow Roasted Lamb Leg which has some of the same basic ingredients.

So have a go, let me know.