Super Tasty Chorizo, Sundried Tomato & Mushroom Pasta - Cooking with RichFor the more observant visitor to this site you will see slight trend in some of my favourite dishes starting to appear ... I love chorizo. There are of course a variety of chorizo but basically it is a fermented pork sausage. It adds a complex flavour that I personally have an unnatural obsession with - don't judge me!

Anyway, using chorizo as a base this is an easy a super tasty pasta dish you can do any night of the week. Simple ingredients but a great combination of flavours when you combine the chorizo with sundried tomatoes and portobello mushrooms. Not to mention of course the garlic and onion.

Here I also added a little streaky bacon, just because bacon makes everything better, however, it is a dish that doesn't need it, so the base recipe provided does not include bacon as a standard (it's in the tips and alternatives as an added suggestion).

Another addition can be chilli depending on the type of chorizo used, since some chorizo are spiced up nicely already. Again the base recipe doesn't include it, but feel free to try it.  My preferred mushroom is portobello, more as a traditional thing, but don't be afraid to use whatever mushroom type you like such as shiitake or the humble swiss brown. Your call, they all work just fine.

The key combination here is the chorizo with the sundried tomato. The flavours just work so well together and, with the pasta, it has a morishiness to it that just can't be beat.  Now, this particular recipe is designed as a dinner dish, however it actually works well as a cold pasta salad for a BBQ lunch as well. 

You can use any preferred pasta as they would all generally it work well. Here I use short style pasta spirals (and penne), but spaghetti, tagliatelle, linguine and gnocchi also would be a great options.

So have a go and let me know.