Turon is basically a Filipino spring roll, fried in some form. Like most spring rolls, turon can be filled with a variety of fillings, savoury or sweet.

My first experience with turon filled with banana, was on my first trip to Manila over 20 years ago. A street vendor outside my hotel was selling freshly cooked turon filled with banana and jackfruit, not that a knew exactly what was inside at the time. But the sweet smell of the banana and caramelised sugar was incredible, so I indulged, and then bought two more. It was all over after that

I don't particularly have a sweet tooth, as you may know from other recipe ramblings I've made.  But I must admit a freshly fried, crispy sweet roll filled with hot banana and covered in caramelised sugar does something, maybe a reminder of banana fritters my parents used to buy me as a kid. Add some ice cream and we have a winner.

Traditionally, Filipino turon is filled with banana, and often with banana and jackfruit. However, there are of course many versions depending on the province.  I personally like banana and mango filling.  They key to good turon is having ripe saba bananas, a staple in Filipino cooking for a lot of things. Now these may not be easy to get everywhere. I am lucky that my next door neighbour has a few banana trees that regularly produce real saba bananas. Obviously you can use any banana you can get in your local area. If saba is not available try looking for short stubby bananas, like lady finger or sugar bananas, sometime also called sweet plantain.

In this recipe I use banana and mango, but you can simply use banana, or swap out the mango with jackfruit or anything else you feel like adding. I once had one that had banana and chocolate filling. Bit too sweet for me.

Anyway, as always, have a go and let me know.