Czech Potato Dumplings (Bramborové Knedlíky) - Cooking with Rich

These little, actually big, f*ckers, are basically a large version of gnocchi, and another childhood favourite of mine. 

Boiled potato, mixed with flour, egg and a bit of salt and pepper and added to or combined with a variety of other dishes, or for me, just eaten on their own with onion (and maybe some bacon) makes me feel like I am 10 years old again.

My mother used to make these regularly when I was a kid, and for some reason I just can't ever get them quite the same as she did them, at least not as I remember them. But this recipe is a close as I have gotten so far. And as mothers tend to do, when I asked mine for more detail she was never really sure of the exact proportions, she just makes them as she makes them, mostly by feel, sight and intuition. If only I had that as a skill.

There are of course many version of a dumpling, in Czech cooking you have these potato ones, as well as bread style ones and sweet dumplings. As a main course or snack I will take these over any other. They can also be simply boiled and sliced, added to a goulash or stew, or boiled and then fired simply toped with onion and bacon (probably my favourite). 

The version my mum used to make was a log style, like a baguette, boiled and then sliced. However going through the on line recipes some suggest making them like a tennis balls ... not for me, but I am sure work just as well.

Either way they are a nice alternative to many dishes where you might use pasta, mash or rice.

Have a go and let me know.