Beef stew (same for lamb stew), is one of those meals I crave every now and again, homey and rich, served with potato, pasta or rice or on its own with crusty bread, always a winner. And like most stews although easy it takes time to cook and invariably tastes better the next day. 

This is about as average but tasty a recipe there can be. Good quality ingredients that are generally easy to find, a little time and care up front and plenty of time during cooking to enjoy a few glasses of your favourite fermented grape juice a long the way.

There is nothing particularly special about this recipe, just about all you will find will be a version of this, with relatively minor differences. Leftovers, if any can be made into crusted pies, or topped with mash and thrown in the oven to make a great cottage style pie (or shepherds pie if using lamb).

Easy Beef Stew - Cooking with Rich