Prawns with White Wine, Garlic & HerbsGarlic, fresh herbs, wine and seafood, what could go wrong?  This dish, like many I love, has its roots in home style cooking. Grab whats fresh and give it a try. The variations are probably only limited to the number of people that have actually cooked a version.

Having tried many variations (and will continue to) this one I keep coming back to. It just seems to have a balance of herbiness (if you use fresh herbs), the tang through the wine and lemon as well as the kick of garlic.  Like all cooking, give it a try, if you find a flavour too strong or not strong enough adjust the quantities to what makes you happy and appeals to your taste buds. 

I just love garlic, so I tend to add a little extra to the recipe below, I might also add an extra squeeze of lemon juice instead of salt as an alternative to seasoning.  Here I am using fresh oregano, thyme, parsley, chilli and spring onion.  But you can experiment, add the likes of coriander (for the parsley) marjoram (for the oregano) and rosemary (for the thyme) and try different combinations.  Just have a go. 

In this version I also use vegetable stock, but by all means swap it with a fish stock to enhance the seafood flavour and don't forget some crusty bread to soak up the liquid.